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chebotto3 04-04-2016 10:52 PM

Chameleon Eggs
I will be receiving 6 panther chameleon eggs. I have a Hovabator and am wondering what an ideal temp and humidity level would be for central California. Also, when they're hatchlings, what is the best insect to feed them? I have experience with very young panthers all the way up to adulthood, but never this young! Any helpful tips and ideas would be greatly appreciated!

wohlerswi 04-04-2016 11:16 PM

Ditch the incubator. This time of year you'll have a heel a time trying to keep the eggs cool enough. Room temp mid to low seventies. Keep them in a dark closet to help keep them at a more stable temp. Goodluck they really are easy to hatch just can take 8 months or so to hatch. Most hatch around the 6 month mark. When they start hatching leave them in the container with the other eggs. The first hatchlings help signal the rest to start hatching.

nickolasanastasiou 04-05-2016 03:38 AM

Moving this to the relevant discussion section.

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