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WebSlave 08-25-2017 09:04 PM

Gray rat snake at the bird feeders, again
Several ago, I caught a gray rat snake at the base of the bird feeders. Bagged him up, and took him for a ride out into the national forest nearby. Then a couple of days ago, Connie found a larger one crawling in the path between the shed and the old mouse building. I really didn't feel like messing with him, so I just let him be. He was heading towards the shed, so I warned him to stay away from the bird feeders and concentrate his efforts on the rodents.

So this evening I walked into the bedroom getting ready to retire the regular clothes for my "relax-ware". But something didn't look right in the berry bush outside the bedroom window. Yeah, gray rat snake laying up right where the hummingbirds tend to sit in that tree to scout out for competition at the feeders. So I went out to round him up.



Pics aren't too good because I was in a hurry to get him before the sun went down, and the skeeters were kind of enjoying my being out there that time of the day. This didn't look like neither one of the prior mentioned animals. And normally when I pick these critters up, they don't struggle or get upset at all. THIS one was quite a bit on the nippy side and got me at least a half dozen times before I could restrain his head. Maybe it's the time of the day making a difference. But anyway, means a trip out into the forest again tomorrow.

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