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WebSlave 03-06-2005 09:41 PM

#9999 - tester99
Company name: Dead Snakes Anonymous
Owner Name: I. B. Gone (when I have your money)
Address: Hah! You wish!
Phone: Another Hah!
FaunaClassifieds member name: tester99
FC Trader Ratings Link: http://www.faunaclassifieds.com/foru...ngs.php?u=2013
email: fagedaboutid@hotmail.com
web address: www.roadkillandboxed.com

Just so you all will understand what this is, my programmer is working on the code to check the stats in each of these threads and automatically set any thread where the stats show a negative number to being highlighted in red. This will save me from having to view each and every one of them manually in order to check on them periodically. Obviously, the programmer DOES need an example of a negative rating to check out that part of the code. And THIS one is it.

Sorry, I would have thought that would be obvious based on the name and data entered.

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