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Lucille 01-06-2005 08:28 AM

For the Faunaphiles: Fauna's **Most Interesting** Names
Names say a LOT about who you are, who you think you are, and how other people see you. They are important.

This morning, I looked through the list of registered users on Fauna (took a while, there are 160 pages of them). By far, most people register with their own name. Lots of folks register by interest: there are many using some form of boa, gecko, iggy, python, reptile, etc.

But some people registered with **EXTREMELY** imaginative names. I am listing a few that caught my eye, I welcome your comments and please list others that you have seen and that you found notable or interesting.

Here is my list of Fauna's Most Interesting Names:

holes in me
Silent Cartographer

These are actual registered names! I would love to hear the story behind some of them....

A couple of interesting notes- moderators names are in red, there are two I do not recognize: Logician and Moderator01. Anyone know of them? Also, the Members List (above, to the right of the User CP) notes when one joins, and the last date one posted. Most interesting in this category was a member named toowicked2love who joined on 10-5-2002 and whose last post was on 12-31-1969....be careful, there are time travelers here lol....

There are many more, I invite you to list those names you have seen which piqued YOUR interest. Enjoy!!! :D

MR_Jungle_Mist 01-06-2005 07:21 PM

Just out of curiousity....

I read that you like to garden. Just starting to get into that here as well. I've inherited the garden gene from my mother - it's just lately sprung up on me. Unfortunately I have my father's genes of killing ever single living greenery I come into close contact with. It's pathetic.
I'm kind of partial to "gummybearpoop"

It gives a good visual and still sounds quite yummy. I think that should be an actual product - made from left over batches of gummy bear juice. Just mix them all together and get them some funky darky purple/brown colour....

Ok, now I'm hungry! :)

Double Het garder / greens killer,

Lucille 01-06-2005 07:57 PM

Your posts are always funny and delightful, and a pleasure to read.

I collect Texas wildflower seeds here and there, and do trade plants and rose cuttings with other gardeners. If you are interested in gardening, there is a neat site: www.gardenweb.com and they are very nice people, they even have a trade forum.

My grandfather, a wonderful man who passed away some years ago, I miss him, taught me to garden. I would be happy to share what I know with you, as well as cuttings, extra plants, and seeds.

ravensgait 01-07-2005 12:42 AM

you didn't post my user name I'm crushed :( it's funny on every forum i've ever been on other then Herp forums I have been asked about my user name and here someone starts a thread on use names and mine didn't make the cut !! Ok granted most the other forums have been gundog or horse related sites lol . Oh well maybe next time lol

There are some real creative names used here well other then the Boa-- or Gecko--- after reading another post on this forum I'm thinking of switching to BaldPython lol Randy

Lucille 01-07-2005 07:06 AM

You DO have an unusual name, Randy. What made you choose that particular one?

Wilomn 01-07-2005 01:17 PM

Perhaps the particular way one of your favorites dogs likes to run?

I find it interesting that almost no one ever asks me what wilomn stand for. It's an abbreviation of Willowman. This is derived from my admiration for Old Man Willow that Tolkein wrote of. Tom Bombadil lives nearby him is one of his only friends to give you some idea of where in the story he is mentioned.

Anyway, enough of my personal revelations for this century.

Carry on.

MR_Jungle_Mist 01-07-2005 02:57 PM

there ya go!

although...I'm not sure I would have thought twice about my attempts at humour (yet again) no matter if you are a nurse, architect, contractor, or mechanic. I didn't realize you being a nurse had anything to do with it - but it's all good. Apologies made and all.

Lucille 01-07-2005 03:34 PM

Perhaps it was me also. No matter, relax, read, enjoy the forum, here, let me pour you another cup of coffee...... :)

ravensgait 01-08-2005 04:30 AM

Well it's a long story
when I was growing up in the wilds of Montana we had to walk 20 miles to school every day all up hill both ways :slamit: Wolves and bears everywhere heck by the end of the school year half the class was either bear or wolf poop which explains why I have only 1 arm and half a leg. You see I had a cold one day and when the bears came after us one of the other kids poured honey on me and took off, being sick I couldn't run as fast as I normally did(honey made my feet sticky) and a fast bear grabbed me by the leg so I had to rip off my arm to beat him with till he let go -- :eatpointe OOPs wrong story

The name comes from your half right Wes , I used to have a favorite dog name Raven ( Bird Dog) And Over the years I've become a gaited horse addict Tenn. Walkers and Spotted saddle horses. Well and it's the name of the ranch lol

I've been asked many times why or what it means on different forums, Some mistake it for Ravensgate ie the gate to hell but nope just a dog and a horse and a place with cows.


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