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dbdataplus 11-05-2018 03:17 PM

Cyclura behavior
I have an adult male Cylura cornuta here in Los Angeles. He lives in a proper cage but he has always had the run of the house and the fenced yard and with the exception of just pooping wherever he wants, he's been a good citizen. If the German Shepherds are lying in the path of where he wants to go he just plods over them as if they were sacks of rice and they simply look and sniff and ignore him.

Until about 2 months ago when he suddenly became aggressive at the male shepherd .. chasing him, gaping at him and in one instance biting and luckily only getting a clump of fur... all the while ignoring the cat and the female shepherd. Since then I have to keep them separated by a gate.

My uneducated guess was that it was a mating season sort of response since it was limited to the male dog - but as of today he lunged at the female shepherd too. My first instinct is to wait out another month as the days shorten and see if it's seasonal but just the same I wonder if any other keepers have had similar situations and/or found any solutions?

PS: I've had no success with behavior modification with Cyclura like with I iguana... no amount of reward will even get him to poop in one place.


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