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Brian Oakley 02-19-2004 12:01 PM

Steps To Become Fedex Certified!!!
Ok, this is what you need to do.

First you have to set up an acct with FedEx. This costs you nothing. It can be done on line or by phone. It is easier and quicker online (I would think anyway) since you do not have to hold and have people asking you to repeat something.

Go to http://fedex.com/us/ and click on the link on the left hand side near the top where it says 'opening an acct'. Go through the steps from there. **by setting up an acct. you get free labels etc. You can have them pre-printed with your shipping info, I received mine the other day.
AFTER 24 hours (takes that long to process it and make it 'live')
After you do the above things you will then need to call 1-800-GOFEDEX (4633339) and ask customer service to have your account representative call you. This can take anywhere between a few hours to 48 hours. While you are waiting you can go to http://fedex.com/us/services/express...ing/tips.html, scroll down towards the bottom and click on a link that says 'complete this form' under the heading "Packaging Testing or Evaluation". This is the form you will have to print and fill out to send with your package.
Now, with all that said, you probably could skip the call to the sales rep. and just print the form and send it in. The Packaging Department did not know I was sending in a package. The only valuable info I got from the sales rep. was the account number (theirs) in which to bill the shipping sharges to.
**Sorry, I will not give that number out, it is not my place to do so**

I then sent the package to the Packaging Design and Development department (address is on the bottom of the page you will be printing out. I sent it out last Friday (6 days ago) and I got the box back (you can request on the form to have the box sent back) with the current paperwork I have on Tuesday.
It then tells you to call you local acct. rep (follow the above steps with 800 number) to have them send you the legal paperwork.
This will be a contract between you and FedEx regarding your shipping live harmless reptiles/animals. I picture that I will have to fill it out/sign it and fax/mail it back to them. At that point you should be good to go unless they give you any other instructions.
Some key numbers you might want:
Package Design and Development Dept.- 1-800-633-7019. This is if you have any questions of them.
Live Animal Desk- 1-800-405-9052 This is just for you to have. They really did not help me any as they sent me, at that point, to their legal department. In fact, they told me that exceptions are not made and only ship horses and animals for zoos.
Legal Department- 901-434-8494 The contact I used was James Brown. He was good to answer some questions I had.

**When shipping the box to the Package and Design Dept., you want to ship just like you would when you send a snake. Include everything right down to the deli cup or snake bag.....just no snake of course**

I hope this helps you all. Take advantage of this. This is the best way, so far, that we reptile/amphibian breeders have in order to ship our 'goods' without being denied the service. It might sound complicated, but it really is easy.

Best of luck to you all!

Mike Greathouse 02-19-2004 12:14 PM

One little addition to Brian's post. FedEx recommends that you re-package your test box inside another box for shipping to the test lab. This way, you can potentially avoid any damage to your box on the way there. Just label the outside of the repack box: "Test Inner Box" so that they know what's going on.

I just sent mine off yesterday.

Thank you Brian for a very helpful post.

Cheryl Marchek AKA JM 02-19-2004 12:26 PM

Step one~ check

I've never shipped a snake, I have never shipped anything Fed-Ex......but now I have an account. I'll move to step two Friday or Monday.

Thanks~ I never would have worked up the nerve to actually try this without y'all doing it first and blazing the bath!

Suncoast Herpetological 02-19-2004 12:58 PM

My test package went out today. I am sure the testing lab is beginning to wonder what is going on with a steady stream of reptile related packaging coming in daily.

This could very well be a major turning point in favor of the growth of the reptile industry as a whole.

It's kind of fun to be part of the first wave.

Thanks again to the first few who broke trail for us all.

Brian Oakley 02-19-2004 01:11 PM

Just to add to this, like Rich mentioned to me in an email. Once you complete the above steps, that does NOT mean you are done. Like it mentioned, you still have to get the paperwork (contract) and complete that.

I like the idea of putting the 'shipping' box insode another box. I was not told to do so, nor did I do it.

This thread will eventually be put up on the Shipping Forum, per Rich as that is where hewould like it to go.

LeosAnonymous 02-19-2004 01:49 PM

Can't Agree More
I just got off the phone with our local representative and she couldn't have been more pleasant. She is emailing me our application as I type this and gave me all the info about sending out a test box.

I'd like to thank those here at fauna for breaking the ice on this shipping issue. For the first time we have a method to ship our snakes legitimally with-out having to spend $100 with the airlines.

This is a huge step in our favor. My local rep said that James Brown has been getting swamped with phone calls concerning shipping reptiles. Lets keep it up guys, the more that call the more respect our industry gains as a legitimate source of business for FedEx.

Double "D" Reptiles 02-19-2004 04:46 PM

process to begin shortly
Since we haven't really had to ship anything in the past couple of years due to re-directing efforts here, I finally got an order out a little bit ago to Daniel at Scales for shipping supplies. As soon as those arrive here then I will be sending out our test package.

Spoke to our acct. rep this morning and he seemed really enthusiastic, especially when he realized that all reptile shipments would be by Overnight Express and that they would mean a lot more revenue for the company. Seemed excited that this is an effort across the nation to unite a huge number of reptile people under 1 shipping comany that wants to accomodate them. And he admitted to not being a fan of snakes due to growing up in an area of the south where he and his family had too much contact with venomous species, though he did think that lizards and turtles were pretty much fine in his book.

Anyway, the ball is rolling from coast to coast and it looks and sounds grand. Kudos to those who went before and made this all possible.


Joel R 02-19-2004 06:53 PM

Thank you
I've set up my account & ordered the labels. I'll be switching from Airborne or DHL, lol.

Thanks for all the info.
Joel Roberts

pcsmicro 02-19-2004 09:59 PM

I just Shipped a Lizard to Miami from NV**
Here is what happened. I marked it please keep 65-75 F (live harmless baby lizard) I shipped it using my account. they accepted the box no problems at the Fedex terminal directly behing the Airport. Next day by 10:30 am. 3lbs. cost me over $40.00 had (1) 20 hr and (1) 40 hr. heatpack. Thank God, I added the 40 hr. they lost the box at thier Memphis Tenn. Terminal. called all the way up the ladder even spoke to James Brown. whom said we don't ship animals/reptiles. I told them that's strange all the other carriers ship tortoises, lizards fish, or all of the abo ve. UPS, USPS, Airborne. So I spoke to a lady whom said they do accept reptiles. But have no guarantee. etc. they can only refund my shipping Cost. (anyway I rec'd a Blue Cayman/ Cross. Father came from Blair. via USPS. I called my local P.O. for my zipcode. and asked them to hold their and call me. So I ended up calling in b4 they were able to call me and it was sitting on a Nice Lady's desk. And she told me to ask for her. I showed my I.D. picked up my Lizard. and it cost less to than 1/2 the price of Fedex.) Fedex agreed to try and get the pkg to Miami
the following day by 8am. Per fedex tracking it left Tenn. at 3:25pm. So I assume it's on the way to Miami now.
** The post office on the other hand, will allow you to insure the animal etc. So maybe you folks may want to speak to the proper folks at USPS.***With Fedex, You are on your own it looks like. I never had a problem b4 with Fedex shipping other items, until I marked a Box ( Live Harmless Lizard ) coincidence?? Your guess is as good as mine*********Well that's my 2 cents and Feb 18th shipping experience. I have used UPS, Airborne in the past. No issues with UPS. Airborne toss of the coin. mostly good. but there official book only allows Tortoises, go figure.

Brian Oakley 02-19-2004 11:08 PM

If I may respond to this.
First, it is very difficult to request something to be kept at a certain temp. That is why it is up to US to add heat or cold packs to our shipments. I am surprised you would request this knowing that these warehouses that shipments go through, at times and places, are not that warm or even that cool depending on the place. I guarantee you, even with a/c, that some types of warehouses they have here in Phx. would cook a lizard.
Second, I am glad that it turned out for you when using/dealing with USPS, but the same thing has happened to people with their services as well and end result could have been that FedEx did a great job. This is something that was brought up early on in the discussions about shipping. It is the risk we take when shipping live animals.
Third, you are correct, FedEx will not guarantee the life or well being of the animal being shipped. I know for a fact that this will be clearly stated in the contract I sign with FedEx when i get it.
Forth, just because other companies ship turts/torts/lizards does not mean they all have to. That is the policy that the (any of them) company inforces and I as well as others have to respect that.

I think the bottom line is, and this is just a general statement, that we need to be profession, tret people like professionals, if what we want in return is to be respected as a whole, community of professionals.

Just my thoughts!

Glad your Cayman made it safely and I hope the lizard gets to Miami ok!

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