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Glenn Bartley 07-05-2004 12:20 AM

Finally some better luck...
When it comes to my kind of luck I usually am like Rodney Dangerfield, I get no respect. Last month I bought a new Dell 8300, near top end PC for a killer price through Costco. Dell sent it to me amazingly fast. Since I got it there has been one problem after another and the Dell technical service people in India (I am fairly certain that is where they are located) have been no help at all. The PC is back in the box soon to be returned to Costco unless Dell finally comes through with a promised call from a Tech Service person here in the USA.

Well if that was not bad enough, in the rush before my vacation/road trip began last week, I was checking on the incubator. I had 9 Western Hognose eggs, 7 baird's Rat Snake eggs, and 8 Desert Kingsnake eggs in it. All looked great but as I was putting it back on the shelf I somehow managed to knock it to the floor, all the eggs crashing out of it. Two of the Baird's eggs broke open, and were lost. Everything else appeared ok.

Well off on the road trip and on the first day we hoped to make it half way to Florida - but as my luck would have it our car broke down in Virginia. Not too bad as towing was $85 and the fix $65 and the money for a more expensive hotel than I had planned was an additional $50 - a total of $200 for the whole mess. The problem was apparently caused by my mechanic in NY who had wrapped up my coil wire with too much insullation causing it to pop off of the coil. Yes I know it could have been worse, but it should never have happened. No respect at all in the luck department.

When I got back from my road trip to Virginia with my son, I checked on the eggs and found all but one of the Hognose Snake eggs had gone bad. I cut em all open and found partially developed embryos in there but all dead. I guess the shock of the impact in that pre-trip fall must have killed them. Hopefully all the others will hatch. This has been a bad year for my herp eggs. My female Berarded Dragon laid a total of about 20 eggs (her first clutch) and all have since gone bad too. I hear this sometimes happens with lizard first clutches, but to add the lost snake eggs is a real bummer and rotten luck.

Now today on the 4th of July, I go out with my son and one of his friends to light off just two small rockets. I go somewhere relatively safer than around a residential area, to an industrial area that has a large field next to it. We set off the rockets, and are leaving when I see headlights approaching. My guess was right, as I told the kids here comes the police. They said no way, but I said I'd bet dollars to donuts. Then on come the red lights and I am pulled over. I gotta tell you there were people setting off what sounded like dynamite - well M80s anyhow - just a few blocks away, and much larger rockets too, and who do they pull over! Geesh...no respect.

Well I explained, honestly, exactly what I had been doing and I was quite surprised to have the officer tell me goodnight and happy 4th. Not so much surprised that the officer would do that, but certainly surprised that I was lucky enough to have one of the good and decent ones stop me - someone who appreciated the fact that I had tried to go to a safer area to set them off, and who also appreciated our nation's Independence Day celebration.

Well that made for a truly happy 4th of July for us - simple pleasures. As it is I can only hope that our young men and women in harm's way will also have a decent 4th of July as they protect us from they who would do us harm.

Happy 4th to you all.

Best regards,
Glenn B;)

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