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nstd 03-18-2017 03:31 AM

Chameleon Company
I am aware of a few people who just recently paid for chameleons from the Chameleon Company and have not heard anything back from them. I personally purchased two last month. Communication was good before purchase but became nonexistence afterwards.

Anybody aware of the situation? Is everything ok with Jim?

Lucille 03-18-2017 03:38 AM

Luke it would be good to have those people come here and provide details rather than report some anonymous alleged complaints from others. I have sent Jim a link to this thread.

Lucille 03-18-2017 04:12 AM

After reading the thread on the Chameleon Forum, it appears that you were told by the seller it would be 4-6 weeks before the critters would be shipped. However, I agree with you that you should be able to at least contact your seller for your own transaction, How did you pay for the transaction? If it was through Paypal, you can initiate an 'item not received' dispute because Paypal has deadlines in its resolution process. If it was through a credit card, talk to your bank.
I am sorry you have not received your critter and hope that Jim responds here with an explanation.

Jwillchamel 03-18-2017 08:30 AM

I have ordered 2 they told me they would contact me for ship date at end of feb now its middle of march and still no reply i spent almost 400 and i have sent email called and even contacted their facebook page with no success im am starting to worry about jim i hope he is ok

Lucille 03-18-2017 08:59 AM

I hope he is OK too. But he will understand if you open a dispute (if you paid by Paypal). The way the dispute process works is that the seller is notified once the dispute is open. If the issue is resolve prior to the escalation phase the seller is not penalized. So go ahead and open one or notify your bank if you paid by credit card.

Jwillchamel 03-18-2017 09:41 AM

Thank you lucille

flatteringchild 03-18-2017 05:34 PM

Have heard nothing from The Chameleon Company
I ordered a cham from Chameleon Company on Monday 3/13. I requested that the cham be shipped overnight to arrive on Friday 3/24. I have sent emails (3) since Monday and also tried to call - voicemail is full. I, of course, need to verify a live animal is going to be shipped overnight this coming Thursday (3/23). I took the day off from work so I would be at home all day on Friday.

I have already started my PayPal "investigation" this morning. I filled out the appropriate information on my PayPal account and this goes directly to Chameleon Company. If no reply from Chameleon Company, PayPal takes it from there.

bcr229 03-18-2017 08:09 PM

Did the seller advertise Thursday shipping for Friday delivery? Many will not in case there is a problem during transit, so the animal doesn't end up sit in the shipping box all weekend.

nstd 03-18-2017 08:42 PM


Before purchasing, was there any communication?

Jwillchamel 03-18-2017 09:42 PM

Nstd the last time i spoke to jim was middle of last month also i have started the paypal investigation

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