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JColt 06-14-2019 05:56 PM

Funny Story
Well I was sleeping and I got called in about raw sewage in garage. So I go into garage which is on lower level and we always refer the lower level as basement. Sure enough a lot of sewage water every where. Just above that area is jail cells C and D and also a kitchen and laundry room near. For what ever reason they encased the center beam in 3 layers of 5/8 drywall. The rest of garage is open and drains easy to access.

So I start cutting. I finally find the pipe which is totally destructed coming through ceiling and p trap and about a foot of pipe bad that heads towards doors. So I start taking out a lot more drywall because you need to chisel floor out to get banding off.

I found out it wasn't sewage but the CO's dumped water in floor drain because of sewage smell which they would have since p trap had hole in it.

I texted the plumber I use to let him know. His name is Steve. I changed my hours after 4 hours of sleep so I got to work about 3 pm. I thought I'd text Steve and tell him I was there. He asked me to text him pics since he was in a major city and may be able to grab what he needed.

I sent pics and told him that it is quit a mess but I think I got enough drywall torn out. About 5 min's later I get a call from my next door neighbor who is in Colorado on vacation. Frantic and asking me if his basement is ruined. I said, I'm at work but everything seemed fine when I left.

I am watching his house while he's on vacation. His name is Steve also and I sent the pics of busted pipes, drywall and water to him, lol! He got a good laugh over it. I was running on 7 hours of sleep in 40 or so hours. About 20 min's later Steve the plumber showed up and said, I never got the pics. Had to special order p trap anyway, lol.

bcr229 06-14-2019 08:02 PM


We have issues like that at work sometimes because there are people with the same first and last name but at different locations. So, you'll send a meeting invite and a guy on the other side of the country gets it when you really meant to send it to the guy down the hall.

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