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jacuoco88 09-03-2019 07:05 PM

PREDATORY MITES For Sale On EBAY 🐜 Are They Effective??
I found several different listings on the US based eBay site offering PREDATORY MITES for sale. There are numerous species being offered:

- P. persimilis
- Neoseiulus californicus
- Hypoaspis Mites

I'm curious if anyone has knowledge if these are the predatory mites which I've heard about being used to control parasitic mites which are known to infest tarantula and centipede enclosures. The listings make vague reference to agricultural uses. Has anyone on Fauna used these types of mites with success and has anyone purchased them off the listings on ebay? Thanks. 👍

MBullock42086 12-24-2019 03:13 AM

Those mites that cluster on your spiders arent parasitic, they're Acarus siro- the grain mite.

They cluster and go dormant as a form of phoresy and dont attack animals. they do, however cause great discomfort and can harm millipedes/centipedes/larvae by blocking spiracles. the only way to prevent grain mites is to sterilize substrate and grow your own feeders and freeze food before feeding it to them.

As for these predatory mites, they are mostly used to kill spider mites.

Hypoaspis is used to control fungus gnats, the others are used to control spider-mites.

chrisis697 12-24-2019 08:19 AM

Only time ive used predatory measures was on mostly indoor plants. They seem to work well in that aspect but they where spider mites, not the type that effect animals.
For the reptiles P.A.M is most effective, but I dont think its good for tarantulas & or millipedes.
Good luck


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