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CJBianco 04-15-2005 08:52 AM

Almost FedEx Certified
I just received confirmation that my "test package" was approved by the FedEx Package Testing Facility. Now I just have to wait on the paperwork. =)

My account executive (Lenny Evansek -- Smokey Mountain District Sales) has been totally on the ball. He emails, he calls, he even offers to set up the account for me. This man is great! If you happen to be in the same district (I'm in upstate SC) give this man a call. He is really excited about doing business with reptile enthusiasts. And that's a good thing. =)

(SIDE NOTE: Thanks, Lenny!)

Good Things,
Chris =)

David R. 04-15-2005 11:53 AM

About FedEx?

Just was wondering, how did you open up your your FedEx account?
Online or by phone? Also, may I ask did you speak to or meet your FedEx rep before your account was opened, or was your rep name given to you only after your account was opened?

Thank you.

David Rivers

CJBianco 04-15-2005 12:52 PM

Easy. My wife gave me his business card. =)

FedEx does business with my wife's work, and she mentioned to the Rep that I sometimes ship things UPS. He was quite anxious to have me switch to FedEx. I emailed him a message (several months later). He called me later that day and said he'd check on things. I then emailed him the next day with the name James Brown in Legal. My Rep emailed me back to thank me for giving him this name. (He'd been trying to figure out who to contact.) The next day, my Rep called and mentioned that he spoke with James Brown and I first needed to open a FedEx account. He even offered to set it up for me. I took care of it myself, though. It's been exactly two weeks since I opened up my account online. The next Monday I sent him (via my wife) my application and the "test package". He CC'd me a copy of the shipping info when he shipped it to the FedEx Testing Facility. (It arrived at the facility last Thursday.) And this morning he forwarded me all my approval paperwork from the Testing Lab. (And the FedEx delivery guy just showed up with my returned package.) I'm just waiting on the rest of the paperwork to sign...and my Rep says that should be soon.

Have I rambled enough?

I'm sure you could just call FedEx and ask the name of your local Account Executive. My guy is Lenny Evansek. I mentioned that if this all goes well, then he can probably expect a lot more calls from people wanting to be FedEx Certified. He's pretty excited about that! =)

Good Things,
Chris =)

CJBianco 04-18-2005 10:16 PM

Great! I received my Waiver of Liability paperwork today via email. So next week I should be shipping...legally. =)

Chris =)

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