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Scarlet king snake

So I'm sleeping peacefully this morning and Connie comes rushing into the bedroom around 9:30am telling me I HAVE to get up to see what she found. So I stumbled out to the front porch and she tells me to look in the 5 gallon bucket that is sitting there.

Pretty little thing! She said she saw him crawling along by the back door of the old reptile building. I guess he heard about how there used to be free food around here for snakes. Connie opened the door to look for something to try to put him in, and he tried to crawl into the open doorway. She had to scold him a bit, and I guess it's a good thing it was only 59 degrees out, as he was a bit slow and didn't just bolt away from her. Anyway, she found the 5 gallon bucket, and I'm still not sure how she got the snake into the bucket, as I'm sure she didn't pick him up.

Anyway, we set him out in the grass by one of the garden areas and I took a few more pics of him, then went back to bed. Maybe we'll see him again some time....