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I went over to the garage late tonight, as I needed to charge up some batteries for my lawn maintenance equipment, and it turned out to be a lucky thing for this little scarlet king snake that was in there. I have a dehumidifier running 24/7 in the garage, so any animals that get in there that can't find their way out, will dehydrate pretty quickly. So quite likely I would have found this one all shriveled up and dead in the middle of the floor by tomorrow.

Anyway, sorry about the really poor quality of these images. I wanted to use my Fuji camera body with my Nikon macro lens and forgot that I had set it to programmed mode instead of aperture priority at f22. So consequently depth of field just really sucks. It's been a good year or so since I used this camera and forgot that I had changed the settings in order to compare the results with what I was getting from a couple of newer cameras I have gotten. But I guess poor pics are better than no pics sometimes. There aren't any do-overs with this, because I released the critter and it vanished into the pine needles and is gone.