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Update 9/22/17

Did some exploring in the Queens Cemetery Belt a few weeks ago to get a better idea of the population out there.

New Jersey
-Mnt Laurel Municipal Area & Adjacent Neighborhood Verified

-Bucks County, not sure where though.

New York State
-Hasting-On-Hudson Verified
-Much of Central Nassau County (Garden City, Hempstead, Westbury) Verified

The Bronx
-New York Botanical Gardens Verified
-Pelham Bay Park (Searched multiple times but cant seem to find them)

-Queens College Verified
-Queens Botanical Gardens Verified
-Mnt Zion Cemetery Verified
-Mnt Hebron Cemetery Verified
-Much of the Queens Cemetery Belt Verified
-Albert P. Mauro Playground Verified
-Mt Judah Cemetery Verified

-Washing Cemetery Verified
-Friends Field Verified
-Cypress Hills Cemetery
-Highland Park Verified
-Evergreen Cemetery
-Cypress Hills National Cemetery
-Trinity Cemetery
-Brooklyn College????

Staten Island
-Historic Richmondtown Verified
-United Hebrew Cemetery Verified
-New Dorp (Locals say they said "They're around, see them every once in a while)
-Ocean View Cemetery Verified
-Fredrick Douglas Memorial Park Verified

-Cos Cobs Train Station & RR Right-of-Way south to the bridge Verified
-Neighborhood east of tracks/ south of railway station Verified

-Fenway Victory Gardens Boston