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Another gray rat snake

Yesterday I was walking around the house and when I rounded a corner, I heard a rustling noise in the palm fronds I was getting ready to move through. When I looked closely, I saw a gray rat snake staring at me. Not sure if he did the rustling, or perhaps a bird he was stalking. The rat snake was about 4 to 4.5 ft. long. I went ahead and pulled him out of the palm tree, and he was pretty well behaved. Did nip me on the knuckles of my right hand, though while I was carrying him to the building to put him in a bag. Needed to relocate him out into the national forest so he doesn't nab any of the birds we have frequenting around the house. We have several Carolina wrens that roost overnight on the porch, so he may have been heading in that direction.

So took him out to the national forest today and sent him on his way.

And while we were out there we saw a bevy of butterflies sitting on a damp spot in the middle of the road. Not sure what they were doing there, however, but they seemed worthy of taking a pic of them.