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Robert Walker
Originally Posted by RRAES View Post
Since it was started with a fake account, why is it allowed to stand?
I figured that is what you were asking but I wanted to verify first. A couple of thoughts:

1. It only appears that the OP is a fake account, but not certified fake.
2. No BOI threads are removed, that is what makes the BOI such a valuable tool, permanent record. The bad & the good. If the OP is officially outed as a fake and his/her name is revealed, this thread will stand as a record against them instead.
3. This thread on Dave is a prime example of why you don't remove threads. I personally have seen the following play out in this thread:

a. BC reptile community rally around Dave and show support. Great to see and I'm sure Dave appreciates it too.
b. Dave got to share his position and concerns to other non-BC people helping other shows and individuals do better outside of BC as well.
c. a boost to Dave's reputation versus what the OP had intended

I feel that Dave is a shining star in this and the only person with mud is the OP. I would suggest, all those that rallied around Dave should create "Good Guy" BOI posts. Those threads, as well as this one, will speak for themselves. Hope this helps put a little perspective on things.

In addition, thanks for your efforts with the Reptile Rescue, Adoption and Education Society.