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Thumbs down Blane Ranger - buyers beware

I gave Blane Ranger $260.00 as a deposit on chameleons and he has kept both the animals and the money.

On June 18th I saw a post on a reptile forum on Facebook regarding chameleons for sale. I contacted Blane Ranger, the poster, and requested a price list. He sent it to me and I asked him three questions at that time. 1.Are the animals adults or babies 2.When are the animals going to be available 3.Where he is located and how I would go about getting the animals from him.
He responded and said that the animals would be available at the beginning of July, I can get either adults or juveniles and that he was able to ship the animals to me.
I asked him for a quote on the shipping prior to making any decisions on animals. He asked where I was located, as the time I was in Hamilton so I told him that and he said that he would be happy to meet me half way so that I did not have to ship them. We agreed on meeting at Downsview where the expos are held as it is a half way point for us.
With the details/terms of the agreement in place I chose to put a deposit down on 4 chameleons and sent him $260.00 via email money transfer.
On July 14th I had some unforeseen expenses and was getting ready to move and had still not heard from him since our first conversation. I sent him a message stating that I was unable to take all 4 chameleons (instead I wished to take only 2) and apologized for the inconvenience and said he was welcome to keep the deposit made on the other two of them for his troubles.
He agreed to this and I asked if the animals were ready yet as they should have been based on the original agreement. He told me that there was some delay and that they would be here within a couple of weeks.
I moved on August 1st to another city an hour further from Hamilton.
August 3rd he messaged me and said the animals would now not be available until the 16th. I informed him that I had moved and said it would be even further for me to travel to meet him so asked if I could pick them up at the next expo as I would be going out there at that time anyways and it would save me an extra trip.
This is when he told me that he was no longer willing to meet me at Downsview and that he wanted me to send him an extra $80.00 for shipping costs.
I told him that if I had known this originally that I would not have placed the order.
He messaged me on August 17th and asked me for the balance owing on the animals plus the new shipping fee. I asked him for pictures of the animals. He said he would send them that evening or the following morning.
I waited for pictures and none came.
On August 20th I deactivated my Facebook account. At that time I emailed him immediately to keep on contact. I told him that I was not pleased that he had chosen to go back on our original agreement and that I was not willing to pay for shipping of the animals. I asked him for a response and again for pictures of the animals.
August 21st I had not received a response so I reactivated my Facebook account to bring his attention to my email.
I received an email response from him stating that he did not like my tone and that he would not be giving me the animals but would instead be returning my deposit by the end of the week.
I have continued trying to get my money back from him for almost a full month now.
On September 15th he promised to send an emt for $120.00 the following day.
It is now September 17th and I still do not have my money.
He claims that he went back on his agreement because I am not nice enough. As I pointed out to him, I did not message him to become his best friend, I messaged him to do a business transaction. I have not had troubles in the past with other people in the industry, and have always had positive transactions and I doubt you will find anyone else who feels that I am anything but pleasant in my interactions. My tone with him changed when the agreement changed. I feel that this is not unreasonable. All I request from a business transaction is honesty. If you do not have the animals and the paperwork is not complete then you cannot promise a time frame. I know that most importers deal with approximate time frames when the transaction with the country of origin is not already complete. Unfortunately, in my opinion, he misrepresented the situation and gave a time frame which insinuated that everything was complete. Additionally he agreed to a delivery arrangement and then based on his personal opinion of me he decided to go back on that arrangement and demand even more money from me.
It was my intention to take him to small claims court but unfortunately for such a small sum it is not worth my time. I do however want others to be aware of the transaction so that they might save themselves the hassle and deal with a professional.
Thank you,
~Sarah Gafanha
Additionally, I do have all of the conversations and emails between myself and Blane if review is necessary.