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Ahhh The lies from this person are incredible! I do not make my business public as I believe it is very, very unprofessional. But anyone who has done business with me, knows that I am without a doubt more than fair. Sarah thought best to - instead of being proactive - accuse me of being dishonest about the time frame in which the import was to arrive. Unfortunately I do not have control over the amount of permit filings the CITES office in Madagascar has and how fast they work. I was told a date by my exporter and it took longer - these things happen. Sarah, your money is in your bank. As I said before I have been dealing with many personal issues that have sprung up and you needed to be patient. You are not a very patient, honest, or a nice person. FYI to anyone who she contacts to purchase anything from - do not do business with her. Trust me, its a headache.

- Blane