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Thank you Melinda

I think I might be in your situation at the moment: one of my Fiji Boas, Samael (1.8m 2.5 kg not sure how old but I've had him for over 10 years), has two hard lumps in his gut, about 8 scales above his cloaca.

It does not appear to be causing him pain or discomfort, and at this colder time of the year, (we are coming to the end of our southern hemisphere winter) they fast, so there is no danger of him eating and causing more trouble right now. He would start to eat again next month if all was well, so I do need to get this sorted out if it is possible.

I have tried warm water soaks and belly massages, but cannot move or change them. The next step would be to force feed him a little mineral oil, or try an enema, and failing that, surgery.

We don't have specialist reptile vets in Fiji, but I am sending useful links, including your photobucket album, to the few vets we do have, and while I'd be delighted if anyone had any hints of tips for us, I'm primarily posting here to thank you, Melinda, for posting this up, it's going to be very helpful in informing vets here if we can try to do something for him.

BTW, this is the same snake that had a severe respiratory infection in 2017 and went off feed for 1.5 years after that, so he's not my simplest snake, see thread http://www.faunaclassifieds.com/foru...d.php?t=640431
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