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Gregg Madden
The SIM incubation container!!!

Introducing, the SIM Incubation Container by Squamata Concepts!!!

The S.I.M. stands for Suspension Incubation Method relating to how the eggs are incubated on a platform off the substrate.

This prohibits direct contact with a wet substrate and allows approximately 100% gas exchange between the container environment and the egg membrane.

Eggs incubated buried in dampened substrate are subjected to excess water which often results in drowning the egg(s). Also in contrast to this, too little water or humidity results in egg dessication.

So basically, the eggs stay dry, still getting the humidity they need to develope. Infact, the steady humidity and consistant retention of heat in these containers allows neonates to develope faster resulting in shortend incubation times... Clutches incubated in this container have all hatched earlier than expected. All neonates hatched fully developed without egg yolks.

The triangular bars that you see on top of the grid platform are the eggs stabilizer bars. The function of these bars is to keep eggs from rolling or being uprooted by clutch mates and they are fully adjustable to fit just about any egg size.

As you can see the SIM incubation containers are crystal clear. The idea behind them being so clear is so the eggs can be visually monitored without having to tamper with the container at all. One way to insure that your eggs will hatch is to set them in their proper incubation container put the container in a proper incubator and leave them alone...
The SIM was made with this very idea in mind...[/