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Wow, those little guys can't be much more than a day or three old.... Great video quality, BTW.

She may be trying to capture the fox's attention. The hen will often hide the young and then present herself to predators to lead them away. Not quite as dramatic as the killdeer’s broken wing act, but seems to work.

I caught a young turkey crossing a dirt road and the female circled us, getting very close, staying in plain sight and making lots of noise, trying to draw me off. Without young present, it is doubtful she would have even allowed me much more than a glimpse. Turkeys are unique, in that they seem to have zero curiosity and if something is odd or unusual, they typically bail out immediately. When I released the young one, she took off down the hill with it.

Worst case, it is unlikely the fox would have caught more than one or two little ones- hard to hunt with your mouth full and the fox isn't likely to drop one it's already caught (...a bird in hand...).