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Actually I was down there not long after those video clips were captured and she was making all kinds of racket and keeping an eye on me. I actually heard her long before I saw her. So possibly the fox took off when I showed up. I have several clips of the foxes (there are at least two of them I have seen together) running around at night. Heck, if they are helping to keep the squirrel population down, I'm not about to make them feel unwelcome. Between the foxes, the hawks, the owls, and me with my Savage A17, maybe I won't have as many bamboo shoots tore up this year.

Anyway, at the time I didn't know there were little ones around, but thought it strange that this turkey was alone and being so noisy. Normally we see them in groups passing through the property, and they are as silent as shadows.

We seem to have a pretty healthy population of them around here, and I'm sure they see us much more often than we see them.