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Hello fauna,

Really random question but when did MBK prices jump? I remember when i was in high school(07) I bough a pair of babies from a local breeder for $180 iirc. Now I am seeing them go for 200-299 each?

Did some law affect availability? Or did everyone stop working with them all at once so they became rare? Thanks Obama?

Wishing i kept them at this point. Was just wondering what happened.
Seems like a lot of snakes are jumping in price for no apparent reason, even when there's no genetics involved to make the animal worth the kind of money.

Doesn't seem to be a shortage of the MBK's available. (Least not that I'm seeing, there's an abundance between Faunce and Morph Market regularly)

Single gene kings that are very easy to produce and readily available should keep their $50-$80 price tag, but maybe it's due to Covid like everything else; people decide to start making a 'killing' on things because they can. Hard to say.