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Just got my black rat snake yesterday!!

(I don't have any photos of her right now, but I'd gladly get some if anyone wants to see her.)

I ordered from Reptmart. From other people's experience ranging good to bad, I was a bit worried about ordering from them. However, the snake came on time and she was alive and fully aware.

I waited a day to allow her to adjust a little before trying to handing her. She wasn't nippy like my yellow stripped kingsnake, who likes to bite not only my fingers, but other objects it can get its mouth around. I honestly don't know what its issue is...I updated to more mice and it still likes to bite as a feeding response. Lol.

Anyway, the only issue I have with my sub adult black rat is her musk issue. Has anyone through a snake with a problem like this? On a reptile site, I'd presume so...lol.

Any tips to help me influence her to grow out of it much as possible?