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New here! Help choosing a medium sized lizard

Okay, first I want to say this is my first post, so, anyway I am looking into adding a reptile to my family. I have kept reptiles off and on for about 12 years now. I have had geckos, anoles, boas, etc. Well, now we just bought a house a year ago and I want to get something a little bigger. I am looking at something that will possibly fit in a 6x2 or a 6x3 enclosure (may be willing to go a little bigger) that has a lot of personality. Something I can teach my son (3 y/o) with and get him started and learning because he loves watching the videos online of reptiles like Brian barczyk. I am wanting to get something a little bigger that is not going to run away or get lost when being handled or out and about. Something that is exciting so I can get my wife interested as well. I am currently looking at Ackies, Gold tegus, and BTS (Though BTS seem a bit lazy and little personality). But I was wondering what other options I may have. Cost is not really too much of an issue though I would not want to go above $500. As for the special needs are also not really an issue as my wife is a stay at home mom and willing to work with me on this. I am really just trying to brain storm and want to make sure I am weighing all my options here.

Thanks for any input.