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Brother Nature
I was instructed to push for deposits they were to be emailed to the compant email and then were deposited into the company acount,the email i never even knew the pasword to me and my partners were put on the account but the stipulation was made that 2 of of had to be present to access the funds. I belive that the person who started this complaint messaged me and said she sent the deposit a few days ago and it was not excepted it was a weekend and my partners secretary took care of that and it would be taken care of Monday I belive she has posted it already. The only elms that were sent directly to me were from rich and we're from rich and one other person. Now in July I was going three my emails and found that one of my partners was forwarding emails from my personal email to hitself I had worked from his office a few times and must have forgot to log out when using his computer I freaked out and told them that after this order was done I was walking away from brother nature . I was then informed that I was being stripped of my title of director and being locked out of the shop. I had to arange a time to pick up my personal belongings and animals while I was there I was informed that if I interfered with the sale of the import in any way that I would be sued I was also told that even though I was no longer director I still owned 1/3 of the company and could not engage in any business outside of Brother Nature and if I did they well come after me in court. At this time I made the offer to give up all rights to the company for 8 snakes out of the order and the return of miss Morrisons deposit ( this I can prove and will as the offer was made by text). These duchy cocktail suckers waited tell I had put everything I could into this after working 3 months with little to no money they knew I could not get a lawyer I even have a text where Dean states he knows I'm broke and can't afford a lawyer. And as for not being able to be reached. I have been working insane hours to get caught up for the 3 months of working to get this up and going and to fulfill a agreement that I have made.
That's the story un believable as it still seems even to me it happens. One bad habit that I have is I never deleat emails or texts so if anybody wants to question me keep reading cause I'm going to post the everything I can find that showshe I'm telling the truth.