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These laws are the result of someone being allowed to make decisions that knows nothing about the animals. I ask game and fish about savannah monitors and they said they were to much of a risk as they have found Alligators in Rio Rancho.
I am going to have to ask Charlie Painter about this one. He is the NM Game and Fish Herpetologist, and invited me to work with him next summer. Hopefully I remember this post so I can ask him next time we see each other.

Though I do know of some alligators up in the Appalachians where they are not natives, they found their way into a hot springs and made it home. Saw that on discovery a couple of years ago. This was on the top of a mountain...LOL. They think someone released them up there. Oh, and they were not multiplying, there were only 2 or 3, as far as I can remember.