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One more update. On Friday, I purchased three live anoles. One was a green anole and two were Bahaman anoles. All three were fully grown, though the green is a little larger than the two bahamans. They were placed in the screen cages with the non-eating snakes, and at some point on Friday night, one of the snakes ate his/her anole. The other two have not yet eaten theirs, despite having had two separate nights in which to do it. I am glad the one has now eaten, but live anoles are supposedly the be-all-end-all food for these guys, so the fact that the other two are not eating is a little disconcerting. I am hoping that over time, they will also eat their anoles, and am wondering if perhaps a smaller anole would be better. I will continue to update.

Aside from that, I have taken a few more random pictures of some of the healthy eaters, in order to show the growth and development over the past couple of weeks. The colors on some of these guys is really starting to come out, as they are losing a lot of their darker, neonate cast. They are also starting to lose their all-or-nothing coloration, and beginning to develop the more variegated range of colors and shades of adulthood. All three of these guys ate on Thursday, and you can see that the bulge is considerably digested even at this point. Enjoy.
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