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i know

thats why im asking about grapefruit seed extract , does not seem like a "one size fits all " type of product ! it is being used on humans and animals , i just wonder why we herpers have not heard more about it ? i read the website , sounds completely harmless ,and can be used for a wide variety of problems (from what i`ve read) THANK YOU !!!!i am looking for others "informed-decisions " made about G.S.E.(in particular ) OR just more information from anyone who has done research , or may be utilizing these products after very-carefull consideration ! i will be asking my herp-vet LATER TODAY also about bene-bacs, parazap ,wormwood and grapefruit seed extract (supposedly ALOT less harmfull than parasite-meds , since it will not destroy the beneficial bacterias) BUT i would still like anyones , comments, opinions , and DEFINATELY KNOWLEDGE on this subject ... thanx in advance