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Porkchop48 wrote:
I am confused about what to do witth them. I can not find anything that tells me yes release them or no you can not do that. I dont want the poor little guys to die.
CrazySnakeLady wrote:
These snakes are common in parts of the US (Northeast and Midwest, in particular). You could let them go with no harm to the environment.
I don't agree with taking snakes from New York to West Virginia and then releasing them, even if they do happen to be common in the area. The ones in West Virginia, if there any, are different from the ones in New York, even if they are the same species. IMO it is irresponsible to release any wildlife except in the exact spot it was found. If that can't be done then they're captives period.

CrazySnakeLady, how do you know that there wouldn't be any harm to the environment? What are your qualifications for making such a statement? There could easily be a bacteria that the New York snakes had developed a tolerance for and that the WV snakes are vulnerable to. This is just an example there are plenty of other reasons.

I realize that this is just a few snakes but it's not a good practice at any level.