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I am feeling lousy and was not able to read the bulk of this thread but I just want to interject, based on the origional post, that this behavior you are describing is standard operating procedure for these government agencies for many years now. I myself and many others that I know have been approached at shows in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Indiana, Illinois and other states by agents attempting to push us into breaking laws by offering animals and/or money to us that they should not have. I have on many occasions called them on this and told them what they were doing and that I knew who they were and what they were attempting. They always respond the same way. They laugh and move onto the next dealer at the show.

I have been 100% cleared by over a dozen agencies at the state and federal level at these shows as an honest guy who would not ever knowingly break the law and have their assesments and documentation to support that and yet I was still run through the ringer by the State of Ohio for a $30 hatchling albino black ratsnake that I sold over 2 years prior to the "big sting" that all of us horrible "poachers" "smugglers" and assorted scum were caught up in.

They are liars and they are hipocrits as they do not give one damn care about the animals but only the revenue raised from the charges that come with the offenses. While they are harrassing people at shows who are standing there for the world to see, the real criminal can go about their work of poaching and collecting as much as they like as these agents evidently do not want to get their shoes dirty by going out into the field to prevent that from happening. Evan Stahl