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Well said Evan, I also do the OHIO and INDIANA shows from time to time. Although I was not at the show when it was busted. I am sure I would have probably been busted for something. I try not to do anything or have anything illegal but If they want you they will get you for something. I would Like to know HOW in the HELL they can COME TO YOUR TABLE and ask you to buy an illegal animal? Are they not breaking the law in someway or another? If they don't have the animal then how can you(the vendor) break the law? Is it because you would have purchased it? that is bull crap on the part of the officers. I would definitely fight that one with ENTRAPMENT. I am glad I have never had any problems with them in OHIO or INDIANA. I am thinking of doing the Kentucky show but haven't made up my mind if I wanna pay the 25.00 a month for the permit to do the show or If the show has the traffic large enough to warrent making the drive and paying for the 25.00 permit. If anyone has info on the kentucky show post your comments. Thanks DAVID