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Yes, you caught me. No I just don't find it necessary to make this nonsense public. The fact is is that if I were to post emails and so far you would understand that I was trying to do her a favor by bringing said chameleons to the show - I was trying to be nice. When she decided to begin accusing me of being dishonest even after I had very clearly explained to her the hold up, why in the world would I go about doing anything nice for that person? Come on guys...really? And this is proof of such nonsense I have had to deal with in respect to her. By all means, post the emails! Her attitude towards people who - like myself - were trying to help her (not to mention giving her an amazing price) is completely lacking. Like I said Sarah, be more constructive and personable with your approach to people and you will go very far in life. Grow up.

Oh and here is my full name since this is clearly a judicial court room...

Blane Ranger

No use telling US your full name...I suggest you enter THAT information into your profile before any of the Mods take you to task over it...
Just saying......