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Originally Posted by Clay Davenport View Post
So is "milled cypress" different from cypress mulch?
I've never heard of it referred to as "milled" is why I ask.

I use cypress mulch as a substrate and buy it at Lowe's or another equivalent location with a garden section.
I've used it for many years with several python and boa species and it is one of my substrates of choice.
I agree, I've tried just about everything and always go back to Cypress. I wouldn't mind trying Repti bark or something like it but they ask wayyyyy to much for it! $29 to $33 in pet stores ($15 at Daytona show) for a large bag and to use in my 4 foot cages I would need 2 or 3 bags... NO WAY! 1 bag of cypress mulch is a few bucks and all I need is 1 bag, it works GREAT!