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Venus Fly Trap seeds

The fly traps have been putting out a bunch of seeds and I've been harvesting them every couple of days now. But honestly, I don't think I want to set up any new ones this year to grow. So if anyone wants some, I'm just going to sell them cheap.

I have no idea what they are really worth, but I figure 10 for a dollar plus $5 for shipping. If someone wants them all just make me a reasonable offer. Obviously I'm not expecting to get rich selling these things. I just hate to waste them, but don't really need any more plants right now.

These are all fresh, just picked this month (June). I'll extend this offer up to the time my eyes go buggy counting them out, or sneeze and lose the whole bunch.

I have had excellent results with them taking root and becoming real plants. You just need to make up a mixture of damp (rain or distilled water only!) peat moss and sand, sprinkle the seeds on top. Keep them in a high humidity environment until they begin to sprout. Remember these are NOT tropical plants. They are found naturally near the North Carolina and South Carolina border near the coast, so treat them as you would expect plants to be treated from that area. Lots of direct sunlight and keep the medium fairly moist but not wet.

Anyway, contact me via PM if interested.

Here's the seed pods I have collected so far: