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Flower pics

Been playing around with the new camera (Nikon D850) and am pretty impressed with the photos I am getting from it. I'm not even doing any sort of post processing of the images. Mostly been using the Nikkor 105mm micro lens for the close-up shots, but have also been using the 60mm and 200mm micro lenses here and there too.

Here are some pics of the flowers blooming on our fruit trees right now.

This first one is the first citrus bloom we've gotten so far this year. It's on one of Connie's Meyers lemon trees.

Had a lot of leaf loss from the cold January we had, so I'm glad to see it if bouncing back nicely.

Some of the other citrus trees are about ready to explode with blooms. This is one of the new navel trees we put in.

The following pics are of the pear tree blooms and the last is from one of our asian pear trees.