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Healthy weight of Suriname Marine Toads

So, I purchased one of these Giant Marine toads and it arrived to me in a bit of bad way. Skinny as can be and a fungal infection in its eye. Poor little gal can't see out of the eye and she's so weak she can't even hop.

Thankfully, I ordered from a very reputable place and after showing them photos and a video, they promptly sent me a replacement that is in fantastic shape. They didn't even ask me to send the original one back. NERD is by far the best place to order from! (newenglandreptilestore.com).

However, I want to try and save the one in rough shape. I had been just letting her rest and offering food (which she hasn't eaten) but, I broke down and took her to the vet this morning. I was given antibiotics, fungicide, as well as something to take care of any possible internal parasites. However, they could not give me any sort of ideal goal weight. They basically told me to feed her anything she will eat for the next few months, the fatter the better on toads of this size.

They are both 8" long from snout to vent. The unhealthy gal weighs in at 720 grams. The healthy one comes in at just over 1100 grams. (insane difference, I know!). So, my goal for the unhealthy gal is over 1000 grams.

But, I was wondering if anyone has any actual healthy weight numbers for these? I have searched all over and found plenty of general info on cane toads their average weight ranges. Nothing on toads of this size and their healthy weight, though. To be honest, there seems to be a lack info all around for these beauties.

Thanks for any info you can provide!