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Regarding exotic vets, I think the main reason people do not use them have little to do with competency and a lot to do with being cheap. With sick animals, the vet visit is not cheap, the medicines are not cheap, necropsy here costs 65$ but the bloodwork, trach washes, etc can add up. However, if you want to further the advancement of reptile medicine, we need to do these things to explain what has happened.
I lost a green tree python several years back. I was out of town for a funeral, and she appeared to have a respiratory infection when I got home. I took her to the ER, because I got home on a Sunday.

She had some wheezing, so the vet prescribed Baytril injections (they were out of ceftazidime, a preferred medication). She died the next day. I took her to my regular herp vet for a necropsy, and we decided to have individual histological exams done on internal organs, as well as cultures of respiratory fluids.

When everything was done, I spent over $700 for the necropsy. I only had it done because I had several high-end chondros in my collection, and I was worried about something contagious. I paid $3k for that particular snake, and wanted to know why she died. The results were indeterminate.

People have suggested that the OP should've had a necropsy done. That kind of expense just isn't feasible for most people. If a pre-existing condition were found, the buyer could reasonably expect to be reimbursed for the cost of the animal, but the necropsy expense is on them. Who can afford to spend hundreds, to only be reimbursed for a fraction of that cost?

Just some additional thoughts on the matter.