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Peach Throat Monitor rescue: experienced keeper knowledge needed!

Hi all,
Im currently caring for a peach throat monitor in real nasty condition. She's a foster until I can find her a new, better home, so she will not be staying with me permanently. I work at a pet store and we got a call yesterday from a frantic landlord about a dinosaur in his basement. He evicted a man living there and the guy simply left this lil lady loose in his landlord's basement. She's been there since august 16, when the guy moved out. We contacted the previous owner and he want's nothing to do with her as he no longer has a stable living condition. He purchased her from us a few months back, and I had worked with her previously. The landlord threatened to kill her if we didnt help, so naturally, we went over to help. Fortunately, he also left behind his 75 gallon setup for her, so I have that. She's about 18-24" from snout to tail tip, and I am aware the 75 is a bit small for her, but this is what I'm working with right now.

TL/DR: some guy was evicted a month ago and left behind his peach throat monitor without any warning. She's been living in the basement since. Im fostering her until I can find her a proper home.

She has some nasty wounds on her back that I'm guessing are old burns due to her being forced to find heat. Theyre scabbed over and look borderline healed, but I've been letting her rest so I havent given her a good look-over. I have an iodine solution that I'll apply to her wounds when she's comfortable. Is there anything else I can do to assist in the healing?

Also, since shes been alone for a month, I dont believe she's had much to eat. I have a caloric supplement that I'll be feeding her with for now, since shes refused frozen feeders so far. Are there any foods I should try that may stimulate her appetite a bit? Im hoping to get a few quail eggs from local breeders. She's also dehydrated, so I've been giving her soaks every so often and I provide clean water for her every day. Any suggestions on rehydrating her?

Thanks in advance! She's a strong lil guy so I think she'll be able to fight for herself if properly nursed back to health. Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you!