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Talking betta breeding attempt part deux

ok so i unfortunately lost my first batch of fry from my first attempt. i have cleaned everything and tried again. Fluffy(no lie, the bf named him) is a grizzled red male with incredible finnage and got paired with a red cambodian halfmoon female. i chose these two because of the colors, the hm gene and the aggresive personalities they both have. i wasn't sure they were mating or doing the aquatic version of s&m but now i have babies!! mom is recovering because daddy beat her up pretty good. i now have about 40 fry that are being tended to by pop. i think i had more and he ate them but that wouldn't surprise me about him. let's see how this time around goes. i'm actually in the process of getting a second breeding tank ready for another pair. Prince is a cool looking one. he is dark purple with long fins that start as purple from his body and fades to blue as it spreads out. he will be paired to a red cambodian halfmoon that carries the marble geno. can't wait to see how those come out. wish me luck