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Angry Ty park/ ty lizards FL

this is a public warning about ty park, aka taesoon park and ty park reptiles.
march 2016 he held an online raffle. the terms were clear, they were
1. for an albino tegu
2. to be delivered by july 31 2016, and
3. that would be produced by him. it even stated that "if he did not produce any, chance of this happening is almost none, he would pay the winner $3,000.00 out of his own pocket”

the tickets were $100.00 each.
i purchased 4 tickets totaling $400.00
i was one of the winners, but Mr. Ty park did not honor his contract
on july 31 2016 i contacted him and asked him if he had produced any albino blue tegus yet. he said “ not yet, soon I’m sure”
on aug 13 2016 i contacted him again and asked him again if he had produced any yet. he said “no all i produced were albino purple tegus, so i asked him if he would be willing to give me a purple albino as that was all he had produced but he said "NO i owe you $2,500.00 the purple is $5,000.00”
he further stated that he would go buy one for me from a friend “this weekend” and ship it to me on monday. i expressed my concerns about getting it from another breeder and i asked him if he could just pay me the money ($3,000.00) instead. this is where his true colors came out!!
he said NO!! and he became rude and hostile.
feeling backed into a corner i went ahead and asked him for the breeders info anyway as i wanted to work something out. he would not even give me this info which i feel is important as i would like too know where my animals come from (especially when i entered into this raffle for one of Ty Parks animals as i had heard he was a top notch breeder.)

because he tried to change the terms of the raffle prize several times at this time, i admit i did not trust him anymore….
we engaged in some private messages still in attempts to try and settle this, with no prevail. he continued to be rude, hostile and was talking to me like he was above me.(later finding out that he does this to many people. especially when they challenge him on something)
he called me greedy, uneducated, and thankless both in pm's and on his public posts.
he accused me on one of his posts of calling him a scammer, but that was a lie.
i never called him a scammer. what i did say to him in private message when he was denying me of my prize, was that “ if i had known this (referring to the raffle)was going to be shady an scammy i probably wouldn’t have bought any raffle tickets"

he made several posts on his page most with misleading information, where over 8,000 of his followers could see and engage in. he has many people that for some reason seam to worship the ground he walks on. those people were in total support of him and those people also made negative and slanderous comments about me, some even took it as far as making public threats of physical harm towards me.
what i found was interesting was that several people (on his page) private messaged me showing their support of me and their unhappiness with ty and how ty has dealt with this whole situation.
they continue to support me.

i did file a small claims when i knew that i was not going to ever see the prize or the alternative prize which were offered.
small claims hearing date was supposed to be on Nov. 8th 2016.

Mr. Park filed several motions, a counter claim for $4,500.00 and a continuance (which was granted), and a motion to be allowed to be present at the rescheduled hearing date of dec. 13th 2016 via telephone most of his motion and answers he was not forthcoming and again dishonest. he asked the court for the continuance stating that he could not leave the farm at this time (for the scheduled Nov.8 2016 hearing date) because he has several animals that need his care and if he had to go to court in mass that his animals could die. on his own fb page he posted that he went on several out of state vacations during that time (Nov. 1-11th) which again proves that he is at the very least he is dishonest.

we are in different states, and each state has their own laws, different jurisdictions and rules on filing a small claims.
today i went in front of the clerk, where the clerk explained a few technicalities to me. the clerk contacted Mr park and asked him if he wanted to make any offers to me and told him that he was just trying to see if we could resolve this. Mr park said NO. the clerk was only aware of the things that Mr. Park represented to the court as my evidence was in my hand ready to be given at todays trial to the magistrate . but after i showed him a few things in my evidence / exhibits, rebutting a few things that were stated by Ty. the clerk asked me if i would be willing to take a tegu that he produced , i sID YES. (this is what i wanted the whole time) the clerk called him back and asked if he was still willing to give me one of the t+ albino purple tegus that he produced. ( that he said many times to his followers that he offered me. with was not true) there was some conversation re: times of year that clutches hatched etc. ty said he had raffled off the one he was going to give me (he sold 30 raffle tickets totaling $3,000 and recently raffled for another $3,500) he said he didn’t have any more available this year (which is also not true) but when asked if he would be willing to give me one in july of next year he said NO.
its clear that i will definitely get the money for court costs and the raffle tickets but the clerk set another date, so i could explore the option of retaining counsel if i wished and to further explore florida state laws pertaining to some issues raised in this transaction.

while somethings seam so clear cut, it is obvious that when you put your trust in something and enter a raffle, you may not end up with the prize as promised.
just like contracts they are only enforced if you pursue them..

this will be a lesson learned but i wanted to post this and urge people to use caution when dealing with Mr. Ty (taesoon) Park…….

I have our whole conversations on messager, all of his posts he made about me where he called me greedy, uneducated, thankless etc and proof he shipped the other 2 winners an albino purple tegu. His public comments telling his followers that he offered me a purple albino which was a lie because when I asked him he said no saying he didn't feel I deserve one.
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