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From Lucille
asking a lot of basic questions could signal to the seller that you do not have the critter's well being in mind because you won't take the little time it would take to do an internet search and find info.

Here are the basic questions I ask the seller:
What is the temperament of the snake?
What are the parameters you keep the snake (temperature, humidity...)?
How often do you feed the snake, what size (frozen/live), and when was it's last feeding?

Reasons why:
Temperament, some aggressive snakes are chill, while other chill snakes are aggressive.

Parameters, X Reptiles keeps their snakes 80-82 ambient with a 90-92 hot spot, X Reptiles keeps theirs at 80-82 constant without hot spots, some breeders keep their Panther Geckos with a heat lamp and humidity device, while others use room temperatures and mist once a day.

Feeding, some breeders feed every 5 days, others every 10 days. Was the snake just fed yesterday or a week ago?