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Couple points here that are off topic. It's MY thread, so I can do that.

Kelli, I totally appreciate your offer, and I took it as the harmless offer of help it was intended to be. Although I was very surprised at your public offer, I don't think I'll take it as extreme as some others seem to be. My lack of a response was me silently declining. No offense, no harm, no fouls. Thanks for offering.

Stephanie...Although I agree with you about the copying, or "pirating" as you called it being wrong, and illegal, and I do not take part in that stuff, I think you are going a bit far with it. Copying on a mass scale for profit, or even a single copy for resale, is pirating. Burning a single copy to help out a friend, is just that. Helping out a friend, though technically illegal. Hardly pirating looking at how many actually do it for profit.

I have to point out that I took exception to only one comment made in this thread turned pile of crap, and that's this one Stef...

"If you can't spend $1k+ on software, then you don't need it."

Makes you sound pretty callous IMO. Who are you to make the decision whether someone needs something or not? There are people in this world with needs they cannot afford. REAL needs too, not desires. Plain and simple fact of life. Because they don't live in the castle up on the hill, does this mean their needs don't exist? Or some kind hearted person shouldn't offer some form of assistance? I don't get that kind of attitude. It's exactly what's wrong with the world today.

Now, I appreciate a good cat fight as much as the next guy does. I'll create you ladies your very own thread if you want to continue in the Hell forum. But I'd like to keep this one on track please. Trying to learn something here.

Wendy, it renders the same in IE7, and FF2. No difference in appearance, or actions. I haven't tried with the links from Stef yet. But I will this weekend.

Thanks for the pointers everyone.