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Well being a neutral party, if you are breeding you should be be able to sex a 2+ year old Dragon. While the seller may or may not been able to correctly sex the Dragon if you are a breeder shame on you for pairin females and blaming someone other than yourself for such stupidity.

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If one person can make an incorrect judgment, two (or three if you count the vet) cannot? And that warrants berating the recipient of another person's error? While a buyer has a responsibility to understand what he/she is doing, the onus is on the seller to accurately label the animal in the first place and regardless of what the buyer knows or does not know. The buyer's responsibility for gaining/having the acumen to be able to verify a label is secondary to the seller's label in a business deal. I think the OP needs to get a handle on sexing so as to be more complete as a keeper and breeder, but I think someone newer to the ins and outs of the entire process will be better served by learning via guidance over admonishment.