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Man, ticks are a real problem around here this year. Connie and I can't walk across the yard without picking up at least one or two of them. Usually we can feel them walking on us and send them to tick heaven on the express train, but every now and again one will latch on trying to get a blood meal. We have to do self inspections nearly constantly. Worries me with all the pathogens those suckers (literally) will carry. But so far (knock on wood) neither Connie and I have come down with any known tick borne illness.

Just a few minutes ago I was in the bathroom and noticed a medium sized one waving it's "arms" at me, like "Hey! Come here! I want to talk to you!" Then I saw two more really tiny ones walking across the linoleum. Guess they are hanging onto our clothes and drop off when we change for the night. Damn, I'm itching just thinking about them.

It's not just here on our acreage, as a friend of ours about 10 miles away mentioned that he is having the same problem. Gotten to where he doesn't even want to go out of the house.

Yeah, life in the country with nature all around. The bloom doesn't smell quite so good on this rose like it used to. I used to think that I liked just about everything nature wise except squirrels. And fire ants. Oh yeah, mosquitoes and yellow flies. The list just keeps getting longer and longer.

So tell me, how hard would it have been for God to make ticks not attracted to human beings?