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Sound like you need a few F/T rats for your buddy for when the squarles run out.
I've been working on that "run out" thing for quite a while but there seems to be an inexhaustible supply of squirrels around here. I checked my supply of .17 HMR ammo today, and I should have enough for a while. But CCI came out with some ammo designed specifically for my Savage A17 rifle, so heck, I might have to get more of that. It's supposed to be 100 fps faster than other brands. I do have a couple of boxes of it but have only tried it in a bolt action rifle I have. Bullet impact seemed about the same as the other brands I was using to sight in that rifle. But 100 fps faster would mean a flatter shooting bullet.

Back when we used to have the mouse colony, I was feeding a small owl that was hanging around. He liked the fuzzies I would throw on the ground towards him when he sat in the tree to watch me. One day I gave him a small hopper, and he struggled to fly away with that one. Never saw him again afterwards, for some reason.

It's kind of difficult to get the hawk to associate free meals with me, however, since I have to shoot the squirrels when they are around and he just shows up later on. But I am thinking that he does associate the sound of a gun shot as a sort of dinner bell. I don't know what he thinks when I am down on my shooting range sighting in guns or doing target practice, however. Probably disappointed to find no squirrels for him, I guess. And perhaps thinking I lost my touch with the gun, too.