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Lightbulb TGR Rack Heat Tape Connection Issue

I have gone back and forth about writing this informational post. I am not disputing with TGR, but simply want to spread the info for others to make their own decisions. Ignoring all previous issues, the final straw that broke the camels back for me was a heat tape issue. TGR seems to think since they have been using this connection method for years, it is ok.

Let me explain..

TGR has its heat tape wired in parallel for each shelf. The important part here is the wires are simply twisted together and placed on the heat tape for a connection. There is no physical connection with the heat tape. The connection is simply held together by gorilla tape(I believe). Here is the danger.. If over time the tape that holds this connection together slowly comes apart(not uncommon for any adhesive tape) obviously the connection is compromised. Typically, as recommended by the manufacturers of heat tape, the connection is soldered, crimped, riveted, etc... creating a true connection.

Supposedly all new racks are being done correctly. What bothers me is I have seen no official announcement on the older racks to notify people who have these racks of the potential issue.

As a hobbyist, regardless of backlash, I simply cannot be quiet while 1000's of keepers have these racks. All it takes is one mishap and collections can be destroyed, or even worse... I may make some enemies or even hurt myself by making people aware of this, but I couldn't live with myself if something would happen and I knew about it without saying something. Given the business owners demeanor in my communications, I don't feel like people will be rightly notified.

I feel all connections with AC power should be made to typical manufacturers standards at the very minimum for safety reasons.

I hope this helps someone.