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Issue with images

Sorry about that, I wasn't sure how to share the images, here are all of them again:

First, the dragon at around 8pm yesterday, when he first started having seizures

To help people better understand, here is an image of one of my bearded dragons, 2 and a half years old, extremely healthy and happy with her enclosure. I assure you she has a UVB light, but it's at an angle that it can't be seen.

And these are images of messages I had with my boyfriend the day I got the dragon. After doing a bit of research I thought I knew why his head was shivering, but I was wrong The dragon was making gasping noises, and I couldn't tell what it was. It somewhat smelled as well, I assumed jokingly he was farting.
Also, the dragon was covered in poop stains, and yet he didn't go to the bathroom in the box he arrived in. (Rex is a dragon I am taking care of from a friend.)
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