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Attached is a pic the OP sent me when it arrived, obviously not a animal in poor shape. This animal had no issues here, and was our main site this season. I was not informed of any issues till late last night, which I didn't get til this morning when. I woke up. I have no issues working out a issue w a animal, but something doesn't make sense here.

Never in time of unpacking to 10pm last night did the OP say anything wrong w this dragon. I can't assist if I'm unaware of any problems

There is also no way to refund at moment since this is a claim at paypal. Not saying I would compensate here, but can't because of claim. I also asked for pic of setup, etc to which didn't get any of that yet.
And no we didn't sell this animal BC we are getting out of dragons.. Lol we have a 1.3 for sale to lighten the load, we still have a 1.4 that keeps me.plenty busy, so this was no a fire sale by far.
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