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So I should not want to read relative information on here. I thought this is for me to make decisions. I said the site works sometimes. I am happy they reached a conclusion. It's all the opinions from people that don't know either of them and tell people what they should do about a deal.
When you get a chance, look up the definition of "peer pressure", and see how that might apply here. The BOI was not made primarily for lurkers and people afraid of expressing their opinions. It was DESIGNED with viewers' ACTIVE participation in mind. Unless a substantial number of people DO chime in with their opinions of what has transpired, how else will the participants come to realize the thinness of the ice they are walking on without that kind of feedback? Without that feedback, how would anyone ever realize that perhaps their stance in a situation is not the best choice they could have made, ALL things considered?

And yes, I do have to defend this site when it becomes apparent that someone appears to not have a clue about what makes it work and seems to be taking pains to belittle that design by me and it's implementation by our members. Which, as I have mentioned before, is not appropriate within this forum, and is suitable fare only in the Feedback Forum. As such, I will consider anyone continuing along those lines in this thread as having formally asked to be banned from here. Quite frankly, I'm just tired of hearing people who have NEVER tried to do something like this themselves telling me HOW it should be done.